Talking about traditions, December comes with a varied range of practices to bring love, prosperity, travels or health. Using certain colors for New Year’s Eve may bring positive changes for the coming year regarding family, love or work. That’s why Colombian nail polish company Masglo, is releasing the new collection Mystic. This collection is inspired by women’s mysticism; the closing of a cycle to give birth to a new history. Is the mysticism which comprehend an entire culture around the magic and the supernatural. This collection is made by 5 different nail polish tones; all of them metallic glitter: Fabulous, is a sparkling purple; Superstitious, is a metallic blue; Festive, is a diamond green; Suggestive, a passion red and Disturbing, an elegant gold.
  • Fabulous: this tone represents the transformation at its highest spiritual and mental level. Is the color that provides peace, tranquility and fights back fears. It inspires sensibility and spirituality.
  • Superstitious: the color blue represents understanding, protection and control over the situation. It is a color that inspires self-confidence, credibility and generosity; it is the perfect complement for a superstitious, mystic and relaxed woman.
  • Festive: the diamond green represents growth, nature, money, fertility and security. It is a relaxing color which inspires confidence and tranquility.
  • Suggestive: the red color is associated with the power of love, the emotional and spiritual strength which may bring two people together. It is the color of stability, happiness and closeness.
Disturbing: the gold color is related with prosperity and success in different aspects of life, as well as luxury and happiness. This color transmits power, autonomy, independence and elegance.